Farmer and Technology

Helpful Reading Material:

A. Potting Media & Soil General
  1.  Potting Media Overview-Cornell University
  2.  Container Soils and Soilless Media, NCSU
  3.  pH and Electrical Conductivity Measurements in Soilless Substrates-Purdue Extension
  4.  Soil and Container Media Electrical Conductivity Interpretations-University of Florida, IFAS Extension
  5.  Soil pH for Landscape Plants-Mississippi State University Extension
B.  Nutrient Management and Fertilizers
  1.  Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers for Greenhouse Production-University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service
  2.  International Plant Nutrition Institute, Nutrient Fact Sheets
C.  Water Quality
  1.  Alkalinity Management in Soilless Substrates-Purdue Extension
  2.  Alkalinity Control for Irrigation Water Used in Greenhouses-North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
D.  Diseases and Pests
  1.  Woody Plant Disease Management Guide for Nurseries and Landscapes-University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service
E.  Other
  1.  Conversion Tables, Formulas and Suggested Guidelines for Horticultural Use-University of Georgia Cooperative Extension
  2.  Identification of Weeds in Florida Citrus-University of Florida IFAS Extension
  3. Florida Friendly Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries

Studies on Compost Use:

University of Georgia: Composts and Erosion Control

Compost and Christmas Tree Farming 

“Composts…outperformed the control in important tree measures, specifically, shoot length, bud count, color and density.” – Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Compost and Tree Nuts in California

Industry Links: