Tomato Seedlings

Our Background

Because of our background in recycling – and easy access to the types of materials that make for great soil and soil amendments – Georgia Soil Company grew quickly out of an idea sprouted by Gainesville Waste and Recycling. Since then, we have perfected our formulas and practices for production efficiency and product quality. We now offer a wide range of clients a fresh take on an old problem.


Our Customers

Georgia Soil Company is here to help grow your business and cultivate in the best soils possible. We serve a wide range of customers and are ready to provide you with the best products available.

Our fresh take on an old problem has allowed us to supply wholesalers, retailers, greenhouses, farmers, and related pursuits with the finest growing mediums – all tailored to their exact specifications.

And because our products are made from renewable sources, clients know that they are not only helping themselves but also doing good for the environment.

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